yeah, call me juvenile, but....so i was reading this article on bbc news about a recent study claiming that circumcision dramatically cuts AIDS infection rates, and about halfway through this penis centric article i hit :

"Dr Kevin De Cock, director of the HIV/Aids department of the World Health Organization...."

oh my. how unfortunate.


lorin said...

that is pretty damn funny.

regarding the results of that study... i think in areas such as Africa, where AIDS is rampant and cultural values are so different than in the "Western World" that circumcision might be a good stop-gap measure to help a more immediate decrease in transmission. i do not think, however, that it is absolutely necessary around here, where we can educate our children about these things, because we know them, and have more freedom in our lives. (in other words, women are not owned by men and basically forced to have sex with no protection, etc.)

..gabriel... said...

i just want to point out that google adsense> somehow found it appropriate to link to 2 ads titled "britney spears" to this article. ??!?