the Julie Amero case

this is the teacher in conneticut that is being tried (for 40 years!) for allowing children to see pornography on one of the school computers. basically, she got slammed with a bunch of porn popups, and being fairly computer illiterate, she didnt know what to do to stop it, and no matter how fast she clicked away, the porn just kept coming. i dont know why this lady didnt have the wherewithal to just turn the monitor off, or cover it up, i imagine she was just panicking. anyway, the details of the case are pretty f'ed up, lots of bad politicking and bullshiting going on, like the school hadnt updated their virus software since 2004, she was told that if she unplugged the computer the whole network would go down, people accusing her of intentionally doing it to corrupt the kids, clueless computer "experts", etc. etc. the whole situation is a fiasco of blame game, and this poor substitute is caught up in the middle of it.
its definitely worth a look, and if you are so inclined, worth some time to send off a coule emails in her defense. here is the blog set up by her husband that has more info, and addresses to the various nitwits in charge of the whole deal.


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